Patient-Centered Medical Home

Your medical home can help you:

  • Take care of yourself and your family. You’re part of the team.
    You will see the same health care teach each time you visit your medical home, so you’ll get to know them and they will know you and your specific needs.
  • Manage your health care.
    Your medical home team can help answer your health questions. We will also keep track of your health information and medical records using electronic records and computers.
  • Find the medical expert you need.
    If you need to see a specialist, we can put you in contact with the right one for your health needs. We will make sure the specialist has all the necessary medical information about you to make informed treatment decisions.
  • Stay in contact with your health care team.
    In addition to keeping convenient office hours for you to schedule your appointments, your medical home offers he option of keeping in contact using internet and e-email.
  • What is my role as a patient in a medical home?
    Partnership between patients and their health care team is the cornerstone of a medical home. Patients are the center of the medical home, and you are expected to play an active role in your own health care. You should work with your health care team to create a personalized care plan that works for you.
  • How are relationships built between my caregivers and me in the medical home?
    The medical home offers safe, comfortable and compassionate care based on a long-term relationship. Your health care team really knows you and your family, your health history and health conditions.
  • How will the medical home help me?
    All your health care needs will be delivered or coordinated by your personal health care team.
    These include:

    • Evidence based care and support for self management.
    • Educational resources regarding specific health issues.
    • Good communication within the practice and with all other providers of health care services.
    • Follow-up on diagnostic testing and referrals to specialists.
    • Notification when routine and other care is needed.
    • Complete medical records in one place.
  • What are the primary goals of the medical home?

    The primary goals of medical home include:

    • Improving your health.
    • Improving your health care experience.
    • Keeping you healthy, rather than treating you only when you’re ill.
    • Avoiding unnecessary visits to emergency rooms and hospitals by providing good preventive care.
    • Reducing unnecessary and/or duplicate medical treatments and services, which is better for your overall health.
  • How is this approach to medical care different?

    The medical home offers a whole-person approach to health care, which includes:

    • Annual physicals, immunizations, and screening for disease.
    • Treatment of minor illness and injury.
    • Management of serious, life-long conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
    • Quality referrals and referral tracking on your behalf.
  • What can I do to help?
    • Be an active member of your own health care team.
    • Ask questions, and talk about any concerns you have with the health care you are receiving now.
    • Share your health history with your health care team.
    • Let your team know if you are seeing any other health care professionals.
    • Tell your team when they do well and when you need better or different care than you have received.
  • How can I take care of my health?
    You and your health care team will work out a health care plan specific to your health needs- it’s your job to contribute to making the plan and then follow it. Make sure you understand how to follow the plan, and to set appropriate goals for yourself.
  • How can I be more open with my health care team?
    Tell your health care team if you have any problems with your health care plan and ask for help making changes that are right for you. Tell your health care team what you need from them, and ask what they need from you.